Change Maker Chats
Tue, June 29, 2021
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT
加入你的创意伙伴作为艺术Biz迈阿密带你在创意生态系统的创新激活深度潜水. 了解与气候变化相关的文化项目的内幕, 多样性, accelerating the creative 工作force, engaging collectors, corporate synergy and 艺术 youth engagement that changes lives. 探索最佳实践,连接和学习一些很棒的想法的新方法. This session is an innovative, 互动的早晨是所有关于探索灵感的想法与真钱苹果的集体大脑信任. Tickets are $35 and can be found via this link.


American for the Arts’ Job Bank

科利尔县 is seeking an Arts and Cultural Manager 作为艺术和文化的倡导者,与员工和社区一起工作,并实施县的艺术和文化战略计划. Reporting directly to a Deputy County Manager, the Arts & 文化经理将深化旅游事业部与其他县域事业部现有的合作伙伴关系,开拓新企业, collaborating with community groups, 非营利组织, 学校, 私营企业, foundations and cultural organizations across the county, region and nationally.
The application deadline is June 17.
波尔克县: 位于温特黑文的历史悠久的里兹剧院正在招聘执行董事. The Ritz seeks an energetic, 热情的, 有组织的, 注重细节, 面向任务的, 创意执行总监和场地经理负责运营, 维修和预订真钱苹果漂亮的翻新历史电影院. 这座1925年的建筑被重新构想为一个多功能场所,是市中心的基石
娱乐. Must be willing to 工作 long hours, including nights and weekends.
The application deadline is June 15.


CERF+ The Artists’ Safety Net is a resource for readiness, relief + resilience for studio artists, ensuring that they are as protected as the 工作 they create. Funding and other support opportunities are updated regularly.
高达四万美元的南方艺术奖给真钱苹果的专业个人爵士艺术家 提供创造性和专业发展活动和机会. 资金用于支持专业爵士艺术家的驻留体验. 截止日期: 07/12/21 11:59 PM
Grants 最高15美元,000 to Alachua County Residents for Rent and Utilities Support During the Coronavirus Crisis. 截止日期: 09/30/21
Foundation for Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) Grants 高达500美元给真钱苹果幼儿园-12年级公立学校的美术老师,为艺术教育项目提供材料. Funding is intended to be used for the purchase of classroom supplies, 材料, 和设备, and/or 设备 repair. 合资格的艺术项目可集中于视觉艺术和音乐表演艺术领域, 跳舞, 和戏剧. Applicants must teach in Orange County. 截止日期: 08/23/21
未来基金会向沃卢西亚县的个别教师提供高达1000美元的赠款 以及合格地点的K-12学校的工作人员,以支持将改善学生课堂教育的项目. 资助的目的是通过支付与学生用品相关的费用,促进创新学习体验, curriculum 材料, 书, 软件程序, 等., which support activities such as remedial and enrichment programs. 符合条件的申请人与沃卢西亚县公立学校有联系. 被选中的教师在每年十月的颁奖会上收到他们的支票. 截止日期:
09/15/21 9:00 AM
Florida Humanities Grants 高达5美元,000 to Florida nonprofit organizations, 市, and public institutions 规划实施服务公众的人文项目. 该基金旨在帮助保护该州的历史和遗产, encourage civic engagement, promote community dialogue, and offer communities the chance to reflect on Florida’s future. Projects must involve humanities scholar(s), attract diverse audiences, bring the public together for discussion, and be free and open to the public (or not cost prohibitive).
截止日期: 07/21/21 12:00 PM EST
信托基金会向非盈利性组织提供项目和倡议以造福当地社区. 资金用于增加成功机会和提高人们生活质量的项目. The Truist Foundation supports four key areas of focus:
Leadership Development, Economic Mobility, Thriving Communities & 教育公平.
截止日期: 07/31/21
St Joe Community Foundation Grants 高达5美元0,1万美元捐给真钱苹果的非营利组织以提高生活质量 for communities in eligible locations. 资金主要用于教育重点领域的项目和活动, 环境, 医疗保健, 艺术和文化. The Foundation currently serves Northwest Florida with a focus, but not a limitation, on Bay and Walton counties. 2021 Deadlines: July 23, Sept 24, Nov 19
Coral Gable Community Foundation Grants 高达5美元,1万美元捐给非营利组织,用于提高合格地区当地社区的生活质量. 资金用于支持艺术和文化重点领域的项目, 教育, historical preservation, and health and social services. 项目必须与珊瑚墙相关,必须服务于那些生活, 工作, learn and play in Coral Gables. 截止日期: 10/08/21
莱克、奥兰治、奥西奥拉或塞米诺尔县的艺术教育项目 在公立学校. 资助的目的是将校内艺术规划和实地考察纳入常规课程.
截止日期: 06/15/21 5:00 PM
塞尔比基金会资助位于萨拉索塔的非营利组织, 海牛, 夏洛特, 或者德索托 counties for capital projects. 申请人在提交申请前必须联系项目工作人员. 优先资助的对象是人力服务重点领域内的项目, 艺术, 教育, community development, and civic engagement. 符合条件的项目在萨拉索塔进行,并使居民受益, 海牛, 夏洛特, and DeSoto counties. 截止日期: 08/01/21 3:59 PM EST
St. 彼得堡 Arts Grants of up to $20,000 to Arts and Cultural Nonprofits for General Operating Support. 支持在本地社区促进艺术活力的组织. Funding may be used for costs such as salaries, 生产, 市场营销, 设备, 出版物, 谢礼, and consultant fees. Eligible organizations serve residents of St. 彼得堡. 截止日期: 06/09/21 5:00 PM
Arts Council of Hillsborough County Grants Cultural development grants up to $25,000
Community 艺术 impact grants up to $5,000 m
Community 艺术 impact grants for higher 教育 up to $12,500. 资金旨在提升和推进希尔斯堡县社区的艺术和文化. 截止日期: 06/18/21 5:00 PM
Miami-Dade Grants of up to $35,000 to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and businesses in eligible areas to promote local tourism. First-time applicants must attend a grant 工作shop, and returning applicants must contact program staff prior to applying. 该基金旨在通过赞助面向游客的体育赛事来增加迈阿密-戴德县作为旅游目的地的吸引力, cultural and special events (visual and performing 艺术, 包括戏剧, 音乐会, 演出, 歌剧, 跳舞, 艺术展览, 和节日), and television origination projects. 优先关注本财政年度第四季度(7月至9月)主要旅游活动和真钱苹果.截止日期: 07/12/21 11:59 PM
PNC Arts Alive – Florida East Coast Region Grants of up to $20,000 非营利表演和视觉艺术组织的创新节目,增加了对艺术的参与. 资助的目的是支持使不同的观众更容易接触到艺术的举措, particularly the underserved and economically disadvantaged. 项目必须惠及布劳沃德县和棕榈滩县的居民, 组织必须位于和运作在真钱苹果东南部地区. 截止日期: 06/11/21 5:00 PM EST
Community Foundation of Broward (CFB) Grants 改善当地居民生活品质的项目和活动. Funding is intended to support large-scale projects, including renovations, 新建筑, 以及其他主要的资本计划,以加强布劳沃德县的服务.
提案应至少符合以下10项重要事项中的一项:动物福利, 尊严在老化, 艺术社区, Eco布劳沃德, BFit, Economic Independence, 布劳沃德骄傲, 学校是很酷的, 取消癌症, 青年工作
截止日期: 06/11/21 Midnight
Community Foundation of 科利尔县 (CCFC) Grants 最高15美元,000 and grants of up to $25,3万美元捐给符合条件地区的非营利组织,用于惠及当地居民的项目. 资金将用于支持新兴草根初创企业和中等规模的非营利组织提供的项目和服务. 接受与项目影响直接相关的一般运营支持请求. Funded activities must serve the residents of 科利尔县.
截止日期: 06/18/21